A Greener Green

Sustainably Driven


Our commitment to the planet.

We're dedicated to fixing the plastic packaging problem in cannabis.

Our Sustainable Packaging

  • Made out of recyclable steel and reclaimed plastic, our eighth cans protect against leaching and inhibit mold growth. Prior to packaging, our premium flower is nitrogen flushed to stabilize and preserve terpene profiles, ensuring you'll always receive the freshest flower.

  • Reclaimed plastic makes these preroll tubes the most recyclable on the planet. Add in portability and quality whole bud flower for the flight of your dreams.

  • Keep your prerolls protected in our reclaimed plastic multi-packs, equipped with gaskets for maximum freshness and a roach coach for prerolls to consume later.

The search continues...

While compostable packaging is a good start, we need to all do better.

We are on the hunt for planet-friendly packaging that keeps Aviation fresh and our friendly skies healthy. Got ideas? Questions? Reach out! Join our newsletter for updates.

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