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Cultivated With Care

Cannabis grown to a higher standard

With over 50 years of combined commercial cultivation expertise, craft is at our core. Never one to ride a trend, we focus on perfecting heirloom strains by enhancing what we know and love. Our "Art Meets Science" approach showcases expertise by optimizing output through quality control, unique drain systems, grow software and extensive cultivation experience. Aviation tells a story through each strain with flavor, feeling, and artistic illustration, brought to life by our cultivation process.

Craft Cultivated

Stability is key when it comes to honing our heirloom strains. With genetics collected and perfected over the decades, our uniquely equipped facility maintains a controlled environment for our indoor cultivated flower. Always small-batch grown and hand-trimmed with care, craft is in our DNA from departure to arrival.

Flavor Obsessed

Terpenes tell a story through flavor, aroma, and unique combinations. Instead of focusing on THC percentages, flavor and feeling are brought to the forefront with the optimization and preservation of terpene profiles.

Some of The Faces Behind Our Flower


Chief Cultivation Officer


Garden Manager


Cultivation & Compliance Manager

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